Plastic Sheets

LUMA-SITE Plastic Sheets

LUMAsite® is American Acrylic’s designation for shatterproof sheets cast from 100% acrylic or modified polyester resins. The superior toughness and rigidity of LUMAsite® sheets are the result of reinforcement by an immensely strong web of glass fibers. In sign and display whites and colors these fibers are not visible. In most architectural and designer panels the fibers are deliberately visible, lending a “silken cobweb” effect.
LUMAsite® panels retain their strength and color identity even when exposed long years to most severe outdoor conditions.
A light-diffusing panel with an exotic “silken cobweb” appearance.As a lighting diffuser or light-transmitting architectural panel, Frost-SOS combines striking aesthetics and high light transmission.
A light-diffusing panel with a subtle “Shoji” effect. As a lighting diffuser or translucent architectural panel, Parchment-SOS combines a clean white appearance and high light transmission (slightly lower than Frost-SOS).
A light-diffusing panel with a stronger “Shoji” effect. Often used in oriental decor, fixtures, and interior treatments, Rice-SOS panels combine an off-white rice paper appearance and medium-high light transmission.
White 1020
A translucent sign white commonly used as a sign background for signs illuminated with high-output fluorescent lamps.
Standard Colors
Ten standard sign colors are available, including translucent ivory, bright translucent colors, a deep translucent blue, opaque browns and black.

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